In Pictures: Edinburgh Trams 257 receives new advert

The ranks of the trams in full standard fleet livery in Edinburgh has decreased by one with 257 receiving a new advert – only the second it has carried and the first since January 2020. The tram is now advertising a new exhibition at National Galleries Scotland – Ray Harbyhausen: Titan of Cinema.

The advert is of the standard Edinburgh Trams design with the two full heigh sections being found on the third and fifth sections of the tram. These are a nice bright yellow featuring images “bursting” through the advert of some of the design that Ray Harbyhausen has been involved in. The remaining sections have the above window adverts and these are of a dark base colour.

257 last carried an advert in January 2020 when it advertised the Johnnie Walker #jointhepact campaign. This advert and had been applied in February 2018.

257 rounds the curve on the approach to Ingliston Park and Ride showing its new advertisng vinyls for the Ray Harbyhausen: Titan of Cinema exhibition.

One of the centre sections encouraging you to Book Now for the exhibition.

The other centre section ad on this side. (All Photographs by blackpool_trams, 13th November 2020)

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