In Pictures: Coronavirus changes on the Blackpool Tramway

As we’ve reported over the past few months a number of UK tramways have introduced revised operating procedures both on board trams and at stops to help prospective passengers to feel safe when travelling as well as ensuring government guidelines on social distancing can be adhered. The Blackpool Tramway is no different and in this article we take a look at some of those changes currently in place.

As seen on several other tramways the single doors at each end of the tram are closed to passengers to allow an area free from passengers for the crew. These doors on Blackpool’s Flexity2 trams have had stickers affixed directing passengers to the centre doors. This is 005 at Anchorsholme Lane.

On board the trams and a number of seats have this labels affixed asking people to leave them empty to aid social distancing. A small barrier can also be seen blocking access to the end section of the tram. Unlike Nottingham though the end seats are still available to be used by passengers.

Most of the stops have also had these yellow lines painted on, although their exact purpose isn’t immediately obvious. They are only at one end of the platform and end just before the first double doors. Some stops also have better quality lines than others! This is Rossall School. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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