In Pictures: Nottingham Express Transit on-board Covid changes

Throughout the ongoing pandemic there has had to be a fine balancing act between all public transport wanting to carry passengers around but doing it in a safe manner which minimises the risk of spreading the virus to both staff and passengers alike. Changes made on board the trams on Nottingham Express Transit towards the start of the pandemic are still in place as we write which are aimed at trying to ensure that everyone can  keep their social distance.

The main visible changes on board the trams has included the closure of the single end doors on all trams with notices informing passengers that they can’t access the tram through that door which in turn has kept the four seats in that immediate section unavailable for public use.

In addition, a large proportion of the seats are supposedly unavailable for passenger use with large red notices, again this is to try and enable everyone to maintain social distancing. This change is also accompanied by diagrams on each tram showing where seats should be used. Unfortunately, as passenger numbers have increased on NET it would appear that more and more people are ignoring this signage and sitting on any seat with the only other alternative being to stand around the doorways which it also means it isn’t possible to keep their distance.

216 shows us the extra external signage on the single end doors. When the doors are opened this is backed up by a large red sign letting passengers know once more that there is no public access through that door.

On board 234 where we see the notice closing off the end section along with the red notices on the seats. (Both Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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