Full service resumes on West Midlands Metro

As restrictions continue to be eased and people are persuaded to head back into the office more regularly, the West Midlands Metro have announced that they are now running a full service once more. The reintroduction of the usual timetable was on Tuesday 1st September and will see trams running up to every 6 minutes at peak times during the week for the first time since March.

During August it has been noticeable that passenger numbers on the West Midlands Metro have been steadily increasing and a recent future travel plans survey has shown that this is likely to continue over the coming weeks and months. As a result the decision has been made that it is time to reintroduce the full timetable every day of the week.

Trams will now run up to every 6 minutes on Mondays to Fridays (at peak times with this reducing to every 15 minutes in the evening), up to every 8 minutes on Saturdays (15 minutes in the evening) and every 10 minutes on Sundays (every 15 minutes in the evenings).

While the service frequency has been increased West Midlands Metro are still reminding people that they should continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines and that – unless you are exempt – you should wear a face covering when on board the trams. Walking or cycling should be considered for shorter journeys and a tool is available to plan quieter times to travel at https://westmidlandsmetro.com/quiet-times-to-travel/.

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