Lockdown Walks: West Midlands Metro 31

In this next edition of “Lockdown Walks” we are in the West Midlands for a view of a tram in operation during the reduced timetable.

A new revised timetable will run on the West Midlands Metro from Monday 27th Apil but at the time of the below photograph there were trams running every 12 minutes between 0630 and 2000 and then every 15 minutes outside of these times. NHS workers can travel for free and a second revision to the timetable affected Sunday services from 12th April with a 15 minute frequency all day long.

In this view we see 31, complete with it special vinyls for Cyrille Regis MBE and accompanying name, just about to depart from the stop with a service on 10th April 2020. You can also just make-out here that there is a notice on the door nearest to the driver’s cab with that section of the tram closed off to the public and just reserved for staff usage. (Photograph by Andy Walters, 10th April 2020)

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