Over a million passengers enjoy the Tram-Train service within the first year

On 25th October the Tram-Train pilot between Sheffield and Rotherham celebrated its first anniversary with the news that over a million passengers had travelled on the service during the first 12 months of operation. The millionth passenger journey was recorded during October.

Whilst a fair proportion of those journeys, especially in the first few months, would have been taken by those intrigued by the new service it is pleasing to see so many people still enjoying the connections afforded by the Tram-Train with its three tram-trains an hour running from Cathedral to Rotherham Parkgate. The service remains officially a pilot – a two year pilot was originally announced – but Stagecoach Supertram, operators of the tram network, have already confirmed it is their intention to continue to operate it beyond that period.

Tim Bilby, Managing Director of Stagecoach Supertram, said: “We are delighted that within the first year over one million passenger journeys have already been made on the Tram Train service. Passenger numbers and customer satisfaction have exceeded expectations, proving that Tram Train offers an affordable and efficient way to connect Sheffield City Centre and Rotherham. We will continue to work with our project partners to further develop the Tram Train service within the region.”

Stephen Edwards, SYPTE Executive Director, added: “While South Yorkshire’s award-winning Tram Train pilot is a first for the UK, the first year of service has been hugely successful. Both customer satisfaction and passenger numbers are exceeding expectations and we hope that continues. Our region is leading the way for Tram Train learning and application in the industry. We’re proud to deliver this important pilot locally, and to be part of the future opportunities the pioneering technology could provide, both for our region and beyond.”

Dan Jarvis, Mayor of the Sheffield City Region, commented: “Our region is steeped in rail heritage. We were home to the world-famous Flying Scotsman and Mallard, and now we’ve successfully pioneered the UK’s first Tram Train. We’re proud to be leading the way with light rail innovation, and are now seeing other towns and cities look to us, to use our technology as a blueprint for similar schemes across the UK. It’s great to see that more than a million people have used the Tram Train over the last year. I look forward to seeing the system continue to thrive, as part of the programme of transport improvements that I’m rolling out to make our network fit for the 21st century.”

* To mark the year anniversary Stagecoach Supertram have launched a competition where one person will be able to win 4 tickets to Disney on Ice on the FlyDSA Arena, a £200 Meadowhall gift card, £30 Sheffield City Centre gift card, family ticket for Paradise Island Adventure Golf, a family skate at Ice Sheffield and a day of tram travel for the family. To enter you have to take a selfie on the tram-train and then share this on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #1YearofTramTrain along with what you like most about the Tram Train service in less than 10 words (alternatively you can email this to Supertram.enquiries@supertram.com with #1YearofTramTrain as the subject line). Entries will be accepted until Friday 8th November. Full details – including terms and conditions – are available at https://www.stagecoachbus.com/news/yorkshire/2019/october/1-millionth-tram-train-customer-competition.

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3 Responses to Over a million passengers enjoy the Tram-Train service within the first year

  1. jubilee510 says:

    This figure is looked on with with doubt as on an average journey it is suggested 75% of passengers have alighted the tram before it leaves Tinsley going towards Parkgate. Loadings are improving and I have seen 15 passengers alight at Rotherham. It’s difficult to know how many are actually travelling on the Tram Train section of the route and those travelling on the TT instead of the yellow route trams.

  2. Bigalasdair says:

    Has anybody out there experienced Edinburgh’s attempt to provide a rail/tram link to Edinburgh Airport ? During the phase 1 planning stage, some whizz kid came up with a £45M scheme to provide a rail/tram interface facilitating easier access for East Scotland travellers to the airport at the Gateway tram stop, sited alongside Gogar tram depot. Unfortunately, nobody uses it as it’s cheaper for passengers to use a bus from Fife. The greatest activity I’ve seen at this “white elephant” is when crew changes take place !” Nevertheless, I wish Sheffield well with the scheme which unlike Edinburgh has been thoroughly researched before building!

  3. Nigel Pennick says:

    The problem with transport in general in the UK is that competition is the principle adopted 40 years ago which means that even the faster and more environmentally friendly services may not be used because the diesel bus competition is cheaper. Only with a truly integrated transport system with integrated fare structures can light rail be used to its maximum. Often the political dogma of competition does not allow each mode to do what it is best at, wasting investment, time and energy.