Douglas Prom redevelopment works update

Over the past few months we have been reporting on tramway construction works in Blackpool, Manchester and at both ends of West Midlands Metro but there has also been another project ongoing during the winter, that of the reconstruction of Douglas Promenade which inevitably includes the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway. Work has been ongoing in recent months with good progress made but it still remains unclear as to just what sort of service may be able to operate on the tramway in 2019.

Work has been making excellent progress in recent weeks – although the whole project is a long-term one so it won’t be fully completed this year – and attention has recently been turned towards preparations for the laying of tracks. So far roadworks have been seen in several locations including on Central Promenade (by the Palace Hotel), Queens Promenade, Harris Promenade (alongside the Villa Marina) and Loch Promenade (the section leading to the Sea Terminal terminus).

However, the main work in connection with the tramway has been seen on Queen’s Promenade where the concrete track slab is being put into place. A short section has already been completed and this worksite has recently been extended to include a 900 metre section between the Palace Hotel and Castle Drive. It is planned that between 100 and 140 metres will be completed per week. Once this is all in place the tramline will be installed.

The 2019 season for the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway will certainly be one where a full service won’t be able to operate but at the time of writing it isn’t known what sort of service may operate and when it will get underway for this year.

* For those on Facebook you can view the latest images of the reconstruction works on the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway Online page.

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