Contracts approved for Edinburgh Trams extension

The latest hoop needed to be jumped through ahead of final approval for the Trams to Edinburgh project has been achieved with the Finance and Resources Committee approving the awarding of two contracts – but these contracts will only be formally signed if the full Council approve the plans next week on Thursday 14th March.

As we reported last week as part of the process for approval the contracts for Swept Path and Infrastructure Structures were to be discussed at a meeting of the Finance and Resources Committee and at their latest meeting they agreed to award these to Morrison Utility Services Ltd (MUS Ltd) and Sacyr, Farrans, Neopul Joint Venture (SFNJV) respectively. The Swept Path Contract relates to working ahead of the Infrastructure and Systems contractor to identify and clear any below ground obstructions whilst the second contract covers the design and construction, systems integration, testing, commissioning and bringing into operational service the extension

Cllr Alasdair Rankin, Finance and Resources Convener, said: “It’s very clear to me that this procurement process has been carried out with enormous thoroughness and diligence, with every effort made to mitigate potential risks in terms of build quality and price. I am also greatly reassured by the view expressed by John Baggs, the independent industry expert, who praised this as the most closely scrutinised process he’s come across in his many years of experience. We have therefore approved these two contractors for the potential Trams to Newhaven project, which will be voted on next week when full Council debates the Final Business Case.”

The next steps in the awarding of these contracts will now very much depend on what happens at the full council meeting on Thursday 14th March. If councillors agree to press ahead with the project a six month Early Contractor involvement period will start during which the full targeted cost will be fully developed. In this SFNJV will work closely with MUS Ltd, the council and other key stakeholders to test buildability, undertake surveys, value engineer and develop further innovation into their design.

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