In Pictures: Branch Line Society tour Tyne & Wear Metro

The Branch Line Society’s latest tour took place on Sunday 24th February, this time encompassing the Tyne and Wear Metro. The South Gosforth Avoider covered many rarely used sections of track on the network with over seven hours of action for Branch Line Society members.

Rare parts of track due to be covered on the day were Pelaw Sidings, Preston Refuge Siding, North Shields bay platform, Stoddart Street Sidings, St James overrun tunnel, Depot Avoiding line, Pelaw Refuge Siding, Regent Centre Siding and various crossovers. 4085+4030 were the units chosen for the tour.

4085+4030 are seen on the depot avoiding line having used the crossover at Longbenton and approaching the side of the depot. It will then carry on round to the Airport line. In the early days of the Metro, BR trains used to come off the East Coast Mainline at Benton and used the line to access the Nestle sidings at Fawdon. (Photograph by Trevor Hall, 24th February 2019)

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