Metrolink performance increases

The latest set of performance figures from Manchester Metrolink have shown an increase in both punctuality and reliability. In the case of punctuality it is the highest figure since these states started to be released at the start of the year whilst reliability is also up although not quick at its highest level.

These states are from 22nd July until 18th August and during this period there was a major incident on Sunday 5th August when an overhead line failure at Cornbrook resulted in a “degraded service on the network” whilst repairs and safety checks were undertaken. The Eccles line closure – to enable both work at Pomona for the Trafford Park extension and general maintenance work to happen – also came during this period.

Punctuality (Percentage of trams departing less than two minutes late)

Overall – 90.8% (previous period – 89.3%)

Airport – 88.2% (86.7%)

Altrincham – 95.4% (94.6%)

Ashton-under-Lyne – 92.5% (90.7%)

Bury – 89.1% (86.8%)

East Didsbury – 93.2% (92.4%)

Eccles – 88.6% (86.1%)

Rochdale – 88.5% (88.1%)

Reliability (percentage of planned miles operated)

Overall – 99.3% (98.9%)

Airport – 99.2% (98.8%)

Altrincham – 99.3% (99.3%)

Ashton-under-Lyne – 98.1% (99.4%)

Bury – 99.7% (99%)

East Didsbury – 99.1% (99.2%)

Eccles – 99.6% (97.7%)

Rochdale – 99.5% (99%)

Looking ahead preparations have now begun for signalling system upgrade works between Old Trafford and Trafford Bar which will enable Metrolink capacity to be significantly improved for special events at either of the Old Trafford grounds.

* As always anyone who wants to see the full stats can do so here.


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