In Pictures: Adverts complete in Edinburgh

It was obviously only going to be a matter of time but all 27 trams in Edinburgh now have external adverts in the standard pattern of full height vinyls of the third and fifth section and above window ads on the remainder of the tram. The last to succumb is 264 which has received an advert for Edinburgh Park and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

First noted iN service on Tuesday 10th July the advert’s full height sections advertise the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – which takes place between 3rd and 27th August – with the remainder for the planned Parabola development at Edinburgh Park as already advertised on 254 and 268.

All 27 of the fleet now carry advert liveries – surely a first for trams in the UK!

* It has now been confirmed that this advert on the tram is part of a partnership that aims to promote culture across the city of Edinburgh and beyond. As part of this partnership Parabola have the rights for six trams – they currently have adverts on three and with no others currently free they will have to wait for a while for any additional adverts!

264 is seen here at West End Princes Street.

One of the full height adverts.

And the other! (All Photographs by John Hampton, 10th July 2018)

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