RAIB launch investigation into buggy drag on NET

The RAIB have confirmed that they are to undertake a full investigation into an incident on Nottingham Express Transit which saw an empty pushchair trapped in the doors of a tram and dragged along between two stops. The incident happened on Friday 15th December 2017 but news of it has only just been released at the start of the RAIB investigation.

According to the RAIB bulletin the tram – an Alstom Citadis – was travelling between Hucknall and Toton Lane with the buggy becoming trapped at Radford Road stop. It is reported that when the tram arrived at Radford Road several people got off the tram including a ticket inspector escorting a passenger. Shortly afterwards, another passenger, travelling with the escorted passenger and carrying a child, moved a pushchair out of the tram. However as this was being done the tram doors began to close and when they reached their fully closed position the pushchair was outside with its plastic weather guard trapped in the doors; the passenger and child were still on board the tram. The tram then moved off, dragging the pushchair along with it until the next stop at Hyson Green Market. The driver didn’t become aware of the buggy until then, although the passenger had operated the communication device but no conversation was had with the driver.

The RAIB will now look at the sequence of events and look at the actions of the staff involved, the process for checking whether its safe for a tram to depart, the door control and obstacle detection system and the passenger to driver communication system and associated procedures.

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2 Responses to RAIB launch investigation into buggy drag on NET

  1. Nigel Pennick says:

    Perhaps this indicates that a conductor on board might have averted the incident.

    • David Taylor says:

      If the above article is correct then a member of revenue protection WAS
      on the tram and was assisting with the disembarkation of the passenger.
      This item was reported in the news before Xmas so is hardly a secret.

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