Picture in Time: Docklands Light Railway 05

We go back almost exactly 30 years for today’s archive image with a view from the Docklands Light Railway.

This photo shows P86 05 making the call at Mudchute with a service heading to the original above ground Island Gardens terminus. The unit here was built for the opening of the network in 1987 by Linke-Hofmann-Busch and as can be easily seen didn’t have end doors which meant when the extension to Bank was built it couldn’t be used as the extra exit was required. These units also contained inward folding plug doors (as can just be discerned from this image). The other thing was jumps out at you from this photo is how short the platforms are at Mudchute showing how in the intervening 30 years the DLR has developed. The date of this photo is 4th January 1988.

Photograph by Nigel Pennick

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