Latest Douglas Prom plans to go to Tynwald

The redevelopment of Douglas Promenade is in the news again with the plans agreed in principle back in January now requiring full approval from Tynwald. The main headlines for supporters of the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway are that twin tracks in the centre of the road would be retained between Strathallan and Castle Mona Avenue with a single track – on the seaward side of the road – then constructed from there to Peveril Square, close to the Sea Terminal.

The debate of the reconstruction of the Promenade has been controversial for some time especially over the positioning of the horse tramway but this plan was developed at the start of this year and is considered by many to be a suitable compromise to help guarantee the future of the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway. Although it will entail changes to the route closest to the Sea Terminal this is a fair better alternative than that originally proposed which would have seen the horse trams end around the Villa Marina.

The complete scheme – which will see the Prom reconstructed – would cost £20.73 and Tynwald members are being asked to approve this funding at the July sitting. The Department of Infrastructure would then progress detailed design work and submit a formal planning application. Work is envisaged to commence in September 2018 with a three year programme to complete the work. It is hoped to minimise disruption by maintaining two way traffic wherever possible although the full details of when and where work will take place will not follow until much later.

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2 Responses to Latest Douglas Prom plans to go to Tynwald

  1. Geoff IoM says:

    I only wish the cost was £20.73! I think there is a “million” missing, unfortunately.

    • Gareth Prior says:

      Oops! I dread to think what a £20.73 redevelopment project would look like but probably wouldn’t have the desired result!

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