In Pictures: Armstrong Siddeley Rally at Crich

The latest classic vehicle rally to visit the Crich Tramway Village was the Armstrong Siddeley Rally which was on site on Saturday 8th July. The day also saw the sun make an appearance which saw a complete open top service in the hands of Blackpool 166, London County Council 106 and London United Tramways 159. Photos from Hazel Quarmby.

As 159 pulls up to the loading stop at Town End we take a look at a number of the visiting cars.

The two London open toppers pass – 159 and 106.

Blackpool 166 passes The Red Lion and a queue of parked cars.

In the workshop and work is continuing on London County Council 1.

Recent work in the Exhibition Hall has seen an extra rail laid to accommodate Bournemouth 85 when it arrives later this year. In this view we see the extra rail in front of Leicester 76. (All Photographs by Hazel Quarmby)

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