More tram shortages in Sheffield leads to further Purple route disruption

The ongoing saga of tram shortages on Stagecoach Supertram – the sooner the Citylink trams are cleared for entry into service the better – has reared its ugly head again with the Purple route once again feeling the brunt of these issues. As from Friday 14th July – and this time until further notice rather than a set end date – a revised service will be introduced for trams to and from Herdings Park.

As with last time this service will basically see trams replaced by buses on the route for most of the day with only one tram to Herdings Park on weekday mornings (0535 from Sheffield Station/0555 back to Cathedral) before the buses start running at an increased frequency of every 20 minutes. Trams then resumed from the 1937 from Cathedral and 2002 return.

Saturdays are marginally better with trams running until the 0926 from Herdings Park to Cathedral when buses are back in action every 20 minutes. Tram services resume with the 1854 from Cathedral and 1921 from Herdings Park.

Sundays see no change to the advertised timetable.

It is hoped that at least some of the Citylink tram-trains will be available for service from late summer which should see an end to the continued tram shortages.

* Meanwhile further changes to services on Sunday 16th July will see Blue route trams diverted to Middlewood because of essential concrete repairs on Holme Lane leading to the Malin Bridge terminus. Trams will run every 20 minutes from Halfway as normal. A replacement bus service will also run between Hillsborough and Malin Bridge. The Yellow and Purple routes will be unaffected.

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  1. Combustible No 2 says:

    Whilst I realise that the number of trams purchased for the opening of “Supertram” meant that things were going to be tight if any were out of service long term for repairs, I can’t understand how seemingly in the last couple of years things have got to such a state. As a Manchester resident I well remember when Stagecoach were appointed to run Metrolink their MD, I think he called himself, described sheffield as the “Rolls Royce” system whilst Metrolink they regarded as not much better than a “Skoda.” How things change!

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