Please note that with immediate effect you must be registered with this site if you would like to leave a comment. We have become more and more aware recently of people who seem to have an agenda leaving comments – often using several different identities – and whilst we review options for the comments section we have made this change. Registering for the site is a quick and easy action and we do not use any details you use for any purpose.

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  1. CCallan says:

    I totally support premise and reasoning behind decision but the implementation requires further thought. You need to be looking at the various plugs ins on offer for WordPress (one been facebook). As all that will currently happen is the pseudonyms intent on damaging the various organisations will simply register a fictitious email and proceed as normal. Its to easy to do…

  2. Chris Callan says:

    The problems British Trams Online has faced regarding increasingly hostile pseudonyms has in recent months reached new levels. The increasingly wild and at times almost feral attacks under the cloaks of various pseudo identities have no doubt been noticed by the various current custodians of the various operations. The initial efforts announced today will do little (other than reduce legitimate users bothering to respond) as those intent on posting under the cloak of anonymity will simple register as their pseudonym. As just a mere enthusiast though my biggest concern is not the perceived damage these comments do as frankly suspect most treat them with the contempt they deserve its actually the effect the comments are having on ability to post legitimate and quite serious concerns supporters have. These online trolls are (whether intentionally or not) helping ensure that constructive criticism can easily be swept aside. The respective drawbridges appear to been raised and siege mentality starting to exist. Seems as enthusiast community lack ability to properly debate and ability to improve things hampered as result. Its the type of climate in which poor decisions are made by those fortunate to be current custodians of these wonderful tramcars all over the UK.

  3. Tony Blews says:

    The “be registered to comment” system is probably the best option available. Of course it won’t stop anyone who can be bothered setting up a new email address, but it will go some way to help.

    • Andrew Waddington says:

      This system has also helped in seemingly eradicating the huge amount of spam comments we get offering Viagra for sale and the like! For the record I am not a fan of censorship, but I do believe in people using their freedom of speech responsibly and using their brains, sadly this seems increasingly rare these days!

  4. Gareth Prior says:

    As we’ve said this is only a temporary measure whilst we review options. It is just so unfortunate that these latest concerns have come at a time when I do not have the time to sort it out which is why we have taken the step to only allow people who have registered to make comments. This is absolutely no different to a Facebook page where to comment you must be a member of Facebook (except there are probably a few less cute cat pictures on here!)

    There will be those who say we are stifling free speech but we are not saying that only comments which we agree with will be approved. The main issue we have had recently is that certain individuals are using multiple user names to make comments. This is something we have been aware of for quite some time but have let it go as we understand why some people may not want all their comments to be linked to their name because of their involvement with certain groups.

    We will review all aspects of the site over the next few weeks and will make a decision on the future of British Trams Online at some point in July/August.

  5. Ken Jones says:

    Oh well whatever you do will not please everybody – I don’t comment that often- but I do read comments and welcome negative ones as well as positive ones. I know some people will make comments either positive or negative under various names. I don’t want the site to just be always positive so if people don’t want negative comments – just take off the comments section altogether – like everything else it’s a few spoiling it for the majority. Still a good site.

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