Blackpool Brush 636 on the move again

Blackpool Brush Railcoach 636 has been on the move again with it returning to Stored Energy Technology in Derby having spent the past couple of months at the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway where it has been used for testing. The return to Derby is only expected to be temporary with 636 requiring further modifications before the tests can continue.

636 had been delivered to Wirksworth back on 13th July and has been used for some tests in the intervening period but with this confidential work now completed it was collected by a Scotts low loader on Wednesday 5th October for the short trip back to Derby. It is not known when it will return to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway at the moment but 636 is starting to become one of the most travelled Blackpool trams around!

636 at Wirksworth with loading about to start.

Another look at 636 ahead of its loading for a trip back to Derby. (Both Photographs by Martin Miller)

A video of the loading is also available on YouTube at

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  1. Nigel Pennick says:

    What precisely are these ‘super wheels? Is it now diesel- or battery-powered?

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