A new advert on Manchester Metrolink

After a short period of livery uniformity another M5000 has now received advertising vinyls on Manchester Metrolink. 3117 is the latest tram to be covered in a vinyl wrap with the sponsor being Manchester College, and yes it does feature extensive use of contravision. Mainly green with sections also in white the advert is publicising The Manchester College where you can “be amazing”. This is the first all over advert that 3117 has carried and is also the highest numbered tram yet on Metrolink to run in non-fleet livery.

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3 Responses to A new advert on Manchester Metrolink

  1. Phil Hart says:

    Contravision should be contra(vertial)vision.
    Some people are OK with it, so say it gives them headaches looking through it when the tram is moving as it ocilates. Also it makes the inside of the tram look like twilight.

  2. John Gilbert says:

    Wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!! I doubt VERY MUCH if any buses are so disfigured. Why is it just the trams????? It wouldn’t be so bad if the advertisements did not cover the windows. They should be removed from them immediately. NOW!!!

    • Paul says:

      Afraid your Wrong John…
      There are hundreds of buses as you put it “disfigured” by contravision adverts nationally (dozens in Manchester alone).
      Like them or loathe them they are a vital source of revenue for some operators. One advert can be the equivalent of a extra 5p on the fare of every passenger carried on that bus…

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