Collisions in Croydon and Nottingham

Thursday 6th October was a bad day for collisions on our tramways with both Nottingham Express Transit and London Tramlink suffering delays following incidents which saw trams collide with road vehicles. The first incident was shortly before 0900 outside Nottingham Trent University and saw Citadis 236 hit by a van causing damage to the side can window. Minor delays were suffered as the tram was returned to depot for repairs. Then at around 1700 down in Croydon a white Audi collided with CR4000 2553 close to Sandilands tramstop. This caused the service to be suspended between East Croydon and Sandilands at the height of the evening rush hour. In both incidents no injuries were reported.

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  1. Glenn Ford says:

    NET Tram 236 was noted back in public service on Saturday 08th October on the Clifton Branch.

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