Can you help? Equipment required for Guernsey no. 3

We have previously reported on the sole surviving tram from Guernsey which has remained stored on the island waiting for a brighter future. Well now we can report that there is a brighter future for no. 3 which will be restored to non-operational condition on Guernsey although before that can happen the volunteers in involved are looking for some equipment to complete the work.

No. 3 was built by G.F.Milnes in 1897 and was electrified in 1901 before being withdrawn from service in 1934. The controls and running gear were removed with the tram being sold for use as garden pavilion until 1974 when it was rescued with a view to restoration. By 1987 it had been partly restored, placed a self-propelled road chassis and made a tour of the island. However after this the volunteers faded away and the tram was placed in store where it has remained ever since.

Now however a local tourist site has offered to build a shelter where the vehicle can be displayed and worked on. To this end the group involved in the restoration are on the lookout for non-working examples of K2 controllers and brass brake handles and posts and Peckham 9-A truck with GE 800 motors. If anyone can assist the group with this please comment below or send an email to the usual address and we will pass the information on.

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