Edinburgh Trams Inquiry costs continue to soar

The BBC have this week reported that the cost of the Public Inquiry into the Edinburgh Trams project has now gone beyond £3.7m. The Inquiry was called by the SNP led government to see what went wrong with the project for the final line to cost so much more and to be completed a lot later than planned but since being called for in 2014 the Inquiry has also, ironically, been taking a long time with spiralling costs.

As things stand at the moment it is not known when the Inquiry – led by Lord Hardie – will be reporting its findings. A spokesman for the Inquiry told the BBC: “The Scottish ministers have been clear from the start that the inquiry should be timely and cost effective. Lord Hardie’s priority is to conduct a thorough investigation into the Edinburgh tram project and produce a report and recommendations that ensure lessons are learned for future major infrastructure projects.”

Of the costs incurred so far almost half have been on staffing with legal fees accounting for £716,000.

The Inquiry is still at fact finding stage with statements now being taken from witnesses before oral hearings begin.

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2 Responses to Edinburgh Trams Inquiry costs continue to soar

  1. Ken Walker says:

    How far would that £3.7 million have gone towards the cost of extending the tramway to Leith? Instead it’s been wasted on an enquiry to ‘establish’ what they already know.

    • Geoff, Isle of Man says:

      But, Ken, what about the impoverished Scottish lawyers? Without this sort of nonsense, they’d be on the breadline, poor things!