Metrolink’s Airport line wins award

Manchester Metrolink’s Airport line has won the “Civil Engineering Achievement of the Year” award at the annual National Rail Awards which took place at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London last week. The Airport line – which is the latest part of the Metrolink jigsaw to be in place – was praised for opening a year ahead of schedule as well as for having strong environmental management and had engaged and communicated effectively with communities.

Judges were complimentary of the scale and nature of the work, highlighting the 580 tonne motorway bridges, the 337m long viaduct over the Mersey Valley and the remodeling of 28 highway junctions. It was also mentioned how the line is exceeding all passenger targets by 20% and delivering economic regeneration and employment opportunities to a number of deprived communities.

Dr Jon Lamonte, Transport for Greater Manchester’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “The Metrolink Airport line provides a vital connection between Manchester city centre, Wythenshawe and Manchester Airport, improving access to thousands of jobs. It really is a transformative project that delivers real economic benefits to Greater Manchester, and one that we completed a whole year ahead of schedule.”

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  1. Steve Kemp says:

    Four things that will make this line more popular
    1) Being the opening of the route through to Victoria so Manchester can be reached without the annoying change at Cornbrook.
    2) Marketing and publicising of the Sale Water Park P & R on the M60 which has 90% of spaces unused at present.
    3) Overnight services into the Airport from Manchester.
    4) Get Me there cards for Tram/Bus interchange being fully implemented.

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