Minor timetable changes for Supertram

A new timetable will be introduced on Stagecoach Supertram from Monday 5th October although only passengers who travel in the early mornings will notice any difference. Three services on the Blue route will be removed with two additional journeys being introduced on the Yellow route. The aim is to increase capacity from Middlewood in the morning peak and follows a review by Supertram to see how they can best serve all passengers on the network.

The following services on the Blue route will be removed:

0722 Cricket Inn Road to Halfway

0802 Halfway to Shalesmoor

0852 Shalesmoor to Cathedral

With the new services being introduced on the Yellow route:

0708 Cricket Inn Road to Middlewood

0733 Middlewood to Meadowhall

This timetable is expected to remain in place until next summer when, with the new tram-trains being introduced ahead of the opening of the Rotherham line, an improved service is likely to start.

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