Plans for Blackpool Jubilee 761 future continue

It has now been confirmed that Blackpool Transport and Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust have reached agreement over returning Blackpool Jubilee car 761 to service although the return of this historic tram will not now be until 2017.

As we reported a few weeks ago the FHLT were in discussions with Blackpool Transport over extending the storage agreement for 761 at Rigby Road Depot which would also see the tram pass through the workshops to return it to service in the near future. Now after further discussions agreement has been reached between the two parties which will see the tram remain at Rigby Road under FHLT ownership (it is believed that this will allow for the widest possible outreach to private and corporate sponsors) with a view to finding workshop space during the winter 2016/17 period. It is hoped that this workshop attention will see the tram return to a close rendition of its 1979 appearance.

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13 Responses to Plans for Blackpool Jubilee 761 future continue

  1. John says:

    Fabulous news! 762 should have been retro-fitted before moving to Crich. Though forgive me if I don’t hold my breath with funding coming through in the timescale………..

  2. edwin newton says:

    This is good news for all concerned and should see this special tram running once again on the promenade.Basically,it is to the credit of the FHLT and the working together with a private sponsor that 761 is still on the Fylde coast.With many hurdles that the FHLT have encountered and the good cooperation between them and Blackpool council,Blackpool Transport dept,761 should,I hope be back sporting the traditional livery of green and cream.Great news

  3. Christopher Callan says:

    Interesting to note despite numerous updates regarding this car. Neither Blackpool Transport Services or Blackpool Heritage Trust made any statement themselves… The only statements made have been made Mr Woodmans “tramtalk” site.

    Not quite sure why in his statement he believes retaining ownership allows for wider outreach to corporate and private sponsors. Id have though Blackpool Transport Services were more equipped at attracting private sponsors what with them attracting Light Car sponsors, lottery funding for the train, Advert contracts (with 2015 number of all over bus contracts from merlin in particular on the rise).

    Anyway i digress. If they are willing to work towards its re activation through collaboration i wish the tram well. It would be unique sight and as others have alluded to its large capacity could be particularly welcome during lights.

  4. tom flye says:

    I’m quite sure that there will be a lot of interest shown in seeing 761 gliding along the seafront.An ideal tram because of its size,to carry the illumination sightseeing pasengers which would contribute to its upkeep.

    • Christopher Callan says:

      Naturally any income would go into the heritage tram pot. Certainly would not be tenable situation to start saying x raised this so gets to keep it. Would be illogical arrangement. If it is to operate its loan must surely be in a similar vein as 66 or 40 from the Bolton Trust & NTM respectively. Calculating individual car revenue a lot harder when you consider £10 Heritage Day Tickets. Obviously these are used on various cars throughout day. You may buy it on one and spend less than 10 minutes on it (just happens to be first you catch).

      Think their is a danger people get carried away with its earning potential. Yes it is a large capacity but other more visually attractive cars for lights will always command greater attention from the wider public. Illuminated Cars / Open Toppers will always vie to be most popular. If it does get to play a operational role as the FHLT statement alludes it will be important gap filled however and exciting prospect.

  5. Tommy Flye says:

    mr Christopher Callan does seem to have his finger on the pulse in to how the heritage museum should be worked.Have you ever thought of elbowing Mr Lindop to one side and apply for the job yourself,or maybe as a traffic superindendent..

    • Andrew Waddington says:

      To be honest most of what Christopher has said is pure common sense. As enthusiasts we will welcome 761 into the operating fleet I’m sure, but to the general public… well, to be blunt, it does look rather like a bus! Last year on the illumination tours Balloon cars were often used to boost capacity at times of crew shortages and on a few occasions they ran very lightly loaded. Running larger trams doesn’t always mean more passengers are being carried! Likewise on the last Bank Holiday event 711 was the least popular car in service, although admittedly it did still do reasonably well financially.

    • Christopher Callan says:

      As i said to your friend Edwin Newton and ill reiterate for purposes of clarity. I have full confidence in Bryan Lindop and his dedicated team in conjunction with the Blackpool Transport Services & The Trust to develop the operation.

      Pointing out basics and trying to keep people grounded with common sense. The car is not some magical money tree. Its not going to start printing money for the Trust. Yes it represents a gap in the Blackpool tram story (that gap can be filled on other ways). Yes during absolute peak during the lights (october half term) etc it may prove useful in terms of capacity. But enthusiasts must surely recognise its visual bus like appearance and reliability of the jubilees make them operationally challenging.

    • Paul D says:

      Actually “Edwin” (we’re not fooled by the new name BTW), Chris may sometimes get over enthusiastic, but he certainly does have a realistic view of what is practically feasible, and does employ a lot more common sense than you (or your alter-ego) display in your postings…

  6. John Stewart says:

    It is difficult for local authorities to get lottery money so, in that respect, keeping the ownership private might well be essential.

    • edwin newton says:

      That’s a very good point John.I am quite sure even with private ownership that 761 will make a valuable contribution to the museum trust in the foreseeable future.

    • Paul D says:

      But ownership (or at least custodianship) by a registered Charitable Heritage Trust (especially one with a record of delivering its promises) would be looked on more favourably by the lottery and open up even more avenues for funding not available to a ‘Private’ owner…

      • Peter says:

        Paul, could you clarify your comment please. The FHLT is a registered charity whereas BHT is not, and is part of BTS still.

        However, this does not rule out Lottery funding, as was the case for the restoration of the Western Train.

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