Testing continues on NET Phase Two

As 2015 starts further testing has commenced on the Phase Two extension of Nottingham Express Transit with the first tram movements taking place into the centre of Clifton overnight on Wednesday 7th January. As with all previous first test runs this is initially done at walking pace to check that everything is in order before further test runs will be taken, eventually in daylight hours.

Trams have run all the way from Station Street to Clifton Centre via Wilford and Compton Acres with just the relatively small section from Clifton Centre to Clifton South to see first tram movements. Meanwhile on the Chilwell line trams have progressed no further than ng2 (photos of the first night of test running on that line can be found at http://www.britishtramsonline.co.uk/news/?p=9838). After the initial overnight testing is completed satisfactory attention will be turned towards extensive daytime testing although no date has yet been announced for this to commence.

It is still not officially known as to when the extensions will open or even whether both lines will open in their entirety at the same time. However a report in the Nottingham Evening Post – with quotes from people directly connected to the project – suggested that a mid 2015 opening was likely. Despite this the official line on the Phase Two website remains “some months ago we said the launch would take place during the first part of 2015 and this remains the case”.

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