No feasibility study for Kimberley NET extension

The possibility of extending Nottingham Express Transit to Kimberley has hit the back burner with the news that Broxtowe Borough Council have refused to fund the proposed feasibility study. This extension would have gone to the town from Phoenix Park and It had been hoped that the Council would vote to release £20,000 to allow a detailed study into whether it would be feasible to go-ahead. However at a full council meeting it was rejected by 6 to 4 with Labour councillors in favour and Conservative and Liberal Democrats against.

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2 Responses to No feasibility study for Kimberley NET extension

  1. tony stevenson says:

    Politics again, roll on the next election

  2. John Stewart says:

    When a Local Authority votes against a study, it is saying that it doesn’t want to know the outcome in case it is in favour.

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