Bus and tram collide in Shandwick Place

For the third time in as many months there has been a high profile collision between a bus and a tram in Edinburgh City Centre. This accident took place on Shandwick Place and saw a bus scrape along the side of a tram on 22nd October shortly before 1500. The tram suffered not insignificant damage which not only included scrape marks but also a hole below the cab side. It is not know what caused the accident but tram services were suspended for 15 minutes whilst the vehicles were removed back to their respective depots.

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4 Responses to Bus and tram collide in Shandwick Place

  1. Anypins says:

    Does anyone know the fleet no?

  2. http://www.scot-rail.co.uk has a photograph of tram 277 following collision 22 October 2014.

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