More progress on Mitcham double tracking

The weekend of 12th and 13th May saw another closure of Tramlink between Mitcham and Mitcham Junction to allow further progress to be made on the double tracking of this stretch of line.  As last time a tram service was maintained to Mitcham Junction with a replacement bus from there to Mitcham where a tram shuttle ran through to Wimbledon every 15 minutes.

The last closure mainly concentrated on the relaying of the current track but this time more attention was turned to preparing the adjacent track bed for the extra track to be laid. New rails have now been delivered to the site for this work to take place.


A view at Mitcham shows one of the shuttle trams in the platform with a piece of machinery ready for work on the closed section. (Photo: Ian Buck)


A ballast train involved in the work. (Photo: Ian Buck)


Another view of the work with new track waiting to be installed. (Photo: Ian Buck)

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