Midland Metro welcomes its tenth Urbos 3

There are now ten CAF constructed Urbos 3 trams on Midland Metro metals following the arrival of 26 on Friday 4th July. As with all previous deliveries the tram arrived in two sections and was transported via Plymouth before arriving at its home of Wednesbury Depot. Soon after arrival it was moved into the workshops where a start was made on its commissioning. The other new trams which have arrived continue to be used on driver training (a number have now reached 18,000km fault free running) with vehicles as high as 23 having been noted on these duties so far. No official date has yet been set for their entry into service.

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2 Responses to Midland Metro welcomes its tenth Urbos 3

  1. tram man says:

    Metrolink put their lastest M5000 into service with as little as 400-500Km on the clock.I know you could say they are a proven product and there is no need for driver training anymore.I don’t know much about CAF Urbos 3 trams,are they a proven product in other countries?

  2. paul says:

    Surely driver training could have taken place in Edinburgh who also have these trams. And initial test of midland metro trams could take place when each tram arrives in Wednesbury