Trams &: Blackpool 700 & bus

Today in “Trams &” we are heading back to the Blackpool Tramway.

With the Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours Coastal Tour to Fleetwood including a 40 minute break for the tram on the loop on Fleetwood Esplanade there are often opportunities to capture a tram along with a bus and that is the case in the below photo taken in September 2023.

Balloon 700 was allocated to operate the Coastal Tour and is seen here waiting on the loop for its departure time (passengers would re-board the tram around the corner on Pharos Street) allowing traffic to pass on both sides. And some of that traffic is a Blackpool Transport single deck bus which is operating a line 1 service to the Fleetwood Affinity Outlet. The bus is an ADL Enviro200.

Photograph by Gareth Prior, 22nd September 2023

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