Trams &: Manchester Metrolink 3146 & plane

Its not often we look upwards for our “&” image in “Trams &” but that is exactly what we do in this edition.

This photo was taken at Shadowmoss – the penultimate stop on the Manchester Metrolink line to Manchester Airport. If your timing is lucky here then you can get images of a tram just as a plane comes in to land and that is what happened on 27th March 2023.

Talking of penultimates, we see the last but one of the M5000s, 3146, in the photo as its at the start of its journey from the Airport to Victoria. Delivered on 3rd September 2022 the team entered service around 15th October 2022 becoming one of the last two of its class to carry passengers for the first time.

And as the tram comes away from the Airport we see an Easyjet plane just coming in to land with holidaymakers coming back from probably sunnier climbs. The plane is an Airbus and as we see its landing gear is already down in preparation for touchdown.

Photograph by Gareth Prior, 27th March 2023

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