What’s New on British Trams Online? 17th December 2023

This week we have photos from the Seaton Tramway:

Photos: Seaton Tramway – 22nd September 2023

There are updates this week to the Blackpool Tramway (advert removed), Crich Tramway Village (photo links), Edinburgh Trams (photo links), Manchester Metrolink (advert changes), Nottingham Express Transit (new name) and Seaton Tramway (photo links) Fleet Lists as well as the Blackpool Tramway (advert removed), Edinburgh Trams (photo links) and Manchester Metrolink (advert changes) Advert Lists.

Having received advertising vinyls for Pretty Little Thing back in August 2018, Blackpool Tramway’s Flexity2 003 hasn’t been seen in fleet livery for some time but earlier this month the vinyls were removed to return the tram to the purple and white house colours. A few days after its return to service in fleet livery on 12th December 2023 003 is seen at Gynn Square with a service for Fleetwood Ferry. (Photograph by Michael Morton)

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  1. Oliver Shenton says:

    3023 still has it’s Hamilton advert, 3031 and 3089 have lost their Booking.com adverts and 3066 has lost it’s TUI advert.

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