In Pictures: Edinburgh Trams In Action

Progress is continuing in Edinburgh ahead of an opening for the much delayed tram system with a large amount of driver training and testing now taking place on a regular basis between Gogar depot and Edinburgh Airport. This photo update shows some images of trams in action and also a look at some of the latest construction work across the system.

Gyle stop approaching completion. This is likely to be the fourt busiest stop on the line. (Photo: Alasdair McFarlane)

275 prepares to leave the depot at Gogar on another training run. (Photo: Stuart Cooke)

258 approaches Edinburgh Airport. (Photo: Alasdair McFarlane)


257 and 275 pass on training runs. (Photo: Alasdair McFarlane)

Another view of 258. (Photo: Alasdair McFarlane)

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4 Responses to In Pictures: Edinburgh Trams In Action

  1. Nathan Honest says:

    Looks like it’s coming along nicely. I wonder if a heritage element can be included here? Perhaps Edinburgh 35 at Crich can be restored for use on the new system occasionally? Perhaps it can be overhauled and fitted with a transponder? Or even a fleet of new builds like the Manchester car proposed at Crich? Just a thought, I don’t really expect to see any heritage operation in Edinburgh being considered until the entire network is open.

  2. Jamie Guest says:

    Perhaps the restored Horse tram 23 will be allowed a trip on the system. That was certainly in the minds of the team that restored it.


  3. Howard Piltz says:

    Unlike Manchester, then!

  4. John says:

    Wrong Howard! L53 on Metrolink has been discussed several times but logistically wasn’t practical and would have caused too much disruption to existing services. Edinburgh have the luxury of a new system not open yet!

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