New tram into service and new advert on another

There’s another couple of changes to the status of the Manchester Metrolink fleet to report on. First off we have seen another of the new batch of M5000s to enter service whilst there is also a new advert now applied to one of the earlier trams.

The new tram into service is 3142 (the last but one to have been delivered). This vehicle was delivered to Queens Road back on 6th June and after commissioning was first noted out on the tramway on 29th June 2022 – however, this was not passenger use but rather driver training which brings the question is this the date for its entry into service? If not it was definitely in action by 2nd July when it was spotted in service approaching Victoria shortly before 0900.

Meanwhile, 3087 has received a new advert for Paramount+, another new streaming service now available in the UK. The mainly blue advert was first seen on 2nd July 2022 with the tram running as part of a double unit along with 3082.

This is 3087’s first all over advert and it now means that 45 of the M5000s have carried at least one advert in their operating careers so far.

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  1. Michael Morton says:

    3087 was in service on 20th June 2022 in the Paramount livery and it appears on my Youtube video of Metrolink for that date.
    Youtube Podbaba Transport

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