Metrolink 3138 into service as 3030 receives a new advert

There have been another couple of changes in the Manchester Metrolink operating fleet recently with another tram entering service as the first new vinyl wrap of 2022 has also been revealed. The trams involved in this update are 3138 and 3030.

Starting off with the entry into service and 3138 was first noted running in service on the East Didsbury route on Thursday 21st April. Delivered to Manchester on 3rd April, 3138 marks a return to a quick gap between delivery and commissioning with the being the quickest since 3133 which also took 18 days to carry its first passengers in November 2021.

3138’s entry into service means there is just one new tram in Manchester which is still being commissioned. That is 3139 which arrived on 11th April.

Meanwhile, 3030 has received a new advertising livery for Pension Bee. The advert has a yellow base colour (although a slightly darker yellow than the normal Metrolink livery) and features some vinyls covering the windows. This is 3030’s second vinyl wrap with it having previously advertised Capital FM between June 2018 and February 2019.

The last new advert applied was in December 2021 and was on 3115 which advertised Netflix film Robin Robin.

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