Performance continues to fall on the Tyne and Wear Metro

In the last performance article on the Tyne and Wear Metro we mentioned how low performance had fallen – but if that was low then what does that make the latest set of figures with a further 2% decrease seeing the number of trains considered as on time recorded below 70% for the first time in a long while.

The four weeks under review in these stats are between 14th November and 11th December 2021 – and this period included Storm Arwen and the major damage caused to the Metro network which was described by Nexus officials as the worst they had seen in the 40+ years of it having operated. As a result there has been a decrease in trains on time (three minutes late or 30 seconds early) to 69% from the 71% experienced in the previous four weeks. In comparison to the same four weeks in 2020 the fall was even greater as that was at 81%.

With no major storms (well, at least so far!) in the next four weeks hopefully next time out we will be able to report on a major increase!

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