In Pictures: Urbos 100s enter service on West Midlands Metro

We saw earlier this week that with the return to action of the West Midlands Metro on Wednesday 15th December came the entry into service of not one, not two but three of the newer Urbos 100 trams. As with the existing Urbos3 trams these vehicles were also built by CAF in Zaragoza, Spain but are of a slightly revised – and presumably improved – design with a number of differences both easily and not so easily discernable!

The three trams to carry passengers for the first time on 15th December were 38, 39 and 40 which were the third, first and second respectively of this class to arrive at Wednesbury Depot. 38 was delivered on 9th June 2021, 39 on 28th April 2021 and 40 on 26th May 2021. All have also seen some use since with 39 used on Thursday 16th September (plus 38 early morning) and then all three in service on Friday 17th December (albeit 38 just as a peak extra).

Over the past few months these trams have been undergoing testing and mileage accumulation – much of which took place overnight out of the public eye – to allow them to enter service with the commissioning work seemingly having been accelerated by the high-profile issues with the Urbos3 trams.

On their first day in service the odometers in the cabs of these trams read 3086km (38), 2547km (39) and 2084km (40).

There are a further five Urbos 100 trams already in the West Midlands and of these 43 was seen being moved into the workshops at the depot on 15th December whilst 45 has recently been sent out and about on test.

38 at Bull Street – the temporary terminus – on its first day in service.

39 also at Bull Street.

And the last of the trio, 40, is also captured at Bull Street. (Photographs x3 by Mark Cufflin, 15th December 2021)

Lodge Road is the location for this shot of 38.

40 pulls into Dartmouth Street on its way to Bull Street.

An interior view of 38 showing the new seating fitted to the trams including different coverings.

The wheelchair area of the new trams.

The articulation section inside. (Photographs x5 by Andy Walters, 15th December 2021)

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