UK’s first 5G connected tram helps to win award at Connected Britain Awards 2021

You may recall earlier this year that West Midlands Metro Urbos3 35 became the UK’s first 5G connected tram and now that initiative has helped West Midlands 5G (WM5G) win at the recent Connected Britain Awards 2021.

WM5G were recognised for their achievements in the transport sector and won the Smart City Initiative Award for the development and roll-out of a range of 5G-enabled projects to discover innovative transport solutions across the Midlands.

As well as the UK’s first 5G connected tram they were also recognised for the 5G Road Sensor Network with both projects demonstrating 5G’s ability to increase operational efficiency and reduce congestion and pollution across the region by harnessing transport data.

Mark Stansfield, Board Chair at WM5G, said: “It is always a pleasure to see the hard work of our teams in the transport sector recognised at the Connected Britain awards. The 14 projects have a genuinely transformative impact in enhancing and improving both the operation and user experience of the region’s transport network, using the power of 5G. We continue to work collaboratively with our partners to ensure the benefits of 5G are recognised and deliver sustainable solutions for the future. Our work is still very much underway, and we now must focus on how we can work together with organisations and local communities to overcome future obstacles in the deployment of 5G and other digital connectivity solutions. We want to unlock the benefits advanced digital connectivity solutions can deliver to citizens, communities and companies across the UK.”

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