Stop by Stop Nottingham Express Transit: Toton Lane line – High Road – Central College

In this latest edition of “Stop by Stop” we leave street running behind as we arrive at High Road – Central College.

Before we do leave street running behind though we continue to run along the remainder of Chilwell Road before entering High Road which is where we turn off from the road with a segregated stop immediately outside the college (now known as Nottingham College but the stop name hasn’t been changed to match!). Two platforms either side of the track meet us here with the Hucknall bound one having a wall immediately behind it with the college entrance being higher than road level. It won’t surprise you to know but both platforms have everything we have seen on other stops – including the ticket machines, shelters, passenger information displays, general tram information, bins, lighting, CCTV.

The large building here is Nottingham College with the two platforms of the High Road – Central College stop in the foreground. We are looking towards Nottingham here.

Just after the stop the line curves away from the road as it continues its way to Toton Lane. This view shows that section of line where 224 is arriving from with the stop within touching distance.

This shot shows 209 about to depart from the stop for Toton Lane. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior, 20th September 2020)

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