In Pictures: Supertram Park Square junction relay

There have been no Stagecoach Supertram services on the complete Stagecoach Supertram network after 2000 on Saturday 3rd April to allow for the vital Park Square junction to have its track replaced. All services on the Supertram network have to traverse this delta junction with lines going into the city centre (and onto Middlewood and Malin Bridge), onto Halfway and Herdings Park as well as to Meadowhall and Rotherham Parkgate. With it being well used it had become necessary for the track to be replaced and the Easter weekend proved to be the perfect opportunity for this work to take place. Stuart Cooke provides this photo of the start of the works.

If all goes according to plan services on the Supertram network will resume as normal from the start of service on Tuesday 6th April. This will be the current revised timetable for a further week before the Yellow and Purple routes resume their usual timetables from Monday 12th April while the Blue and Tram-Train services continue with their revised frequency service for the time being.

In this first view we are looking towards the route to Sheffield Station with that from Meadowhall coming in from the left (trams into the city centre go right). Here much of the old track has been removed to allow the trackbed to be attended to.

A wider angle view looking the same way.

Moving further around now and new ballast is being unloaded from the truck. The Park Square bridge taking trams into the city centre is seen in the background.

On the left and side here (the city bound track from Sheffield Station) we see new wooden sleepers have been put down waiting for the replacement rails to be added.

This final shot shows a close-up view of the new sleepers on the far side, new ballast down on the track and new rails awaited. (All Photographs by Stuart Cooke, 4th April 2021)

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