Volk’s Electric Railway to resume operation on 29th May

The latest heritage line to announce their reopening for 2021 is Brighton’s historic Volk’s Electric Railway with Saturday 29th May set as a return for services. With this date in mind preparation works have now started on the 1.25 mile line.

As its been over six months since trains last ran between the Aquarium and Black Rock the track has rusted over the winter and to aid the return of services trains have been running along the length to clear this rust. Initially using car 9 some volunteers from the Volk’s Electric Railway Association headed to the line at the end of March to take these first steps to a return in service although with the effects of the prolonged spell with no trains meant that the diesel locomotive was used later as this found it easier to travel along the line.

At the same time as this de-rusting took place there was driver refamiliarisation taking place as further preparation for a return to service. Both these tasks will continue over the next couple of months before the first passengers are carried from Saturday 29th May (subject to any further restrictions being introduced).

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