In Pictures: Trams seen in Talbot Square

If you thought that you would have to wait until 2022 to able to sit on a tram in Talbot Square again – think again! It may not be the sort of tram we were expecting but new seating has recently been installed in the shape of Blackpool trams! Two seats are in place, one based on an OMO Car and one on a Brush Car!

Located outside the Counting House pub close to where the new one direction tramstop will be located when trams start running to Blackpool North Railway Station the new seats are a nice little addition to Blackpool giving another unique attraction for the town! We’ve reported on plenty of tram related things over the years but we reckon these are the first tram shaped seats we’ve seen!

The seats have been designed by artist Andy Hazell and are said to take inspiration from Blackpool’s tram heritage. Andy has designed four different seats with the other two set to be installed when the new interchange at North Station opens.

In this view we see the Brush Car shaped seat. The dimensions may not be correct and there is no pantograph on top of the tower but it is still a fairly good representation of a Brush Car!

The second seat is in the shape of an OMO Car and that is what we see in the foreground of this view. Possibly not as close to the real thing as the Brush (to be honest your editor thought it was a rebuilt Centenary until he saw the word OMO above the centre entrance!) its still good to see the effort. The Brush Car is also seen just behind. (Both Photographs by Tony Armitage, 31st October 2020)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: Trams seen in Talbot Square

  1. Michael Morton says:

    Neither of them is particularly perfect. I think most people thought the OMO car was a rebuilt centenary as the front doors are incorrect.
    The Brush car looks like a Brush car but has a full window bay missing.
    But then, I am a purest.

    We must, after all, realise that these two, and the two that will eventually appear at the longest awaited tram interchange in history, are seats and not much more.

    A bit of Blackpool fun!! Well done.

  2. geoffcurrie says:

    The position of these benches brings to mind an incident just a few yards from where they are in the 1980’s. I was walking past a hole that that been dug in Talbot Road with a a three foot section of the original tram rail removed from below the surface. A chap was welding a section of angle iron across the gap, and being interested in trams I asked his mate what the welding was for. He told me that the street lights had their return still wired to the tracks, so they had to complete the circuit. I have always assumed that what he told me was correct, can anyone confirm this?

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