Manx Electric Railway Tunnel Car 5 enters the paintshop

With the reduced operating season coming to a conclusion on the Manx Electric Railway (last services for 2020 will run on Sunday 1st November) attention is now starting to turn towards 2021 which will (let’s hope!) be a far better year for all concerned and will see more trams needed for the daily service than has been seen over the past few months. One of the first motors to start getting ready for next year is Tunnel Car 5 which has recently entered the paintshop for a repaint.

5 made the move into the paintshop during mid-September where a start was made on sanding down its current paint work and varnished wood. During October the repaint was making excellent progress with firstly the undercoat and then much of the top coat being applied to the tram.

5 is receiving the late 1960s/early 1970s livery which is similar in style to that currently carried by Winter Saloon 20 although there are subtle differences between the two. It is expected it will be ready to debut its new livery during the 2021 season.

Elsewhere, on the MER, Mail Van 13 has recently been moved from its long-term storage location of Dhoon Quarry to Laxey where it is likely to undergo a full restoration to operational condition in due course. Work is currently continuing on the restoration of Van 11.

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