Crich to celebrate 60th anniversary of the last Sheffield Corporation Tram

On 8th October 1960 the last trams ran in Sheffield – or at least it was thought they did, until Supertram came along! – and now some 60 years later Crich Tramway Village will be marking the occasion with the display of Roberts Car 510 outside the depot for photos.

Unfortunately, none of the Sheffield trams in the collection at Crich are currently commissioned for service (510 itself, 74 and horse car 15 were all due to be commissioned at the start of the year but in the end none have managed to turn a wheel in service as they weren’t used before lockdown and with a limited number of trams needed post-lockdown they weren’t considered suitable for use – and of course 15 was missing the crucial ingredient of a horse and with social distancing could probably hold about 4 people!) but keen to mark the occasion Sheffield’s official last car, 510, will be displayed on the depot fan throughout Thursday 8th October.

In a year when it hasn’t been possible to celebrate much its good to see the anniversary being marked in some way. Of course, there was a Sheffield tram line-up at last year’s TMS 60 event in September – some questioned at the time why it wasn’t held back to 2020 but it now appears the organisers knew they wouldn’t be able to do anything on that scale 12 months later!

  • It has also been confirmed that Sunday 11th October will be Community Day at Crich. Free admission will be offered to residents living within 5 miles of Crich (proof in the form of a driving licence or utility bill will be required) and tickets will be valid for up to two adults and three children from the same household. There will also be a small exhibition in the Learning Centre of creative projects undertaken by staff and volunteers at the Museum during lockdown.
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