Picture in Time: Blackpool Twin Car 673+683

We head back to Blackpool once more today for another view of one of the Metro Coastlines liveried Twin Cars.

Twin Car 673+683 is seen in this photo in the Turquoise & Yellow Line 11 Metro Coastlines livery. This paintjob was again completed as part of the tram (trams?!) mini-overhaul which took place in preparation for its expanded use on the tramway to cover for Balloons Cars on the Fleetwood service. Set 3 saw the repaint completed during the autumn of 2003, the fourth of five Twin Cars to receive the bright new colours which certainly gave them a new lease of life. 673+683 would see some use up to and including 2010 (only limited use in that season) and were then secured for preservation following the closure of the traditional tramway. With Motor and Trailer split they can now be found at Wyre Dock in Fleetwood.

This photo is at Tower with the tram heading to Fleetwood and it looks like one of the conductors is looking for something further south along the line!

Photograph by Anonymous

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