Lockdown Walks: Manchester Metrolink 3036

We head out for another “Lockdown Walk” and it is once again Manchester where we find ourselves.

Although the line through Chorlton first saw passenger service in June 2011, it wasn’t to be until 31st March 2014 that the service we feature today first ran. The service we are talking about is the East Didsbury to Rochdale Town Centre line which started running on that date with the opening of the extension through Rochdale from the Railway Station to the new Town Centre terminus.

Here we see 3036 as the lead tram running as a double unit as it arrives at Chorlton. (Photograph by Keith Chadbourne, 2nd June 2020)

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  1. tram man says:

    East Didsbury-Rochdale .Is this a contender for the longest light rail journey in the U.K. If not in distance maybe in journey time.I know the drivers could just about do round trip before they had to take a meal break.I think the round trip time is almost five hours.

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