Latest Tyne and Wear Metro performance details revealed

Whilst public transport is a very different beast at the moment with fewer passengers travelling as a result of the pandemic, one of the crucial considerations for some will still remain “how is it running?”. Although Manchester Metrolink have not released any performance stats since the start of February, it is a different situation on the Tyne and Wear Metro.

The Metro may be releasing their stats but the poster which gives this information is very different with just a headline figure of the overall percentage along with information to allay any passengers fears about what they are doing to make the trains and stations as Covid-19 secure as possible.

The latest poster relates to the period 21st June to 18th July and during that four week period 85% of all trains arrived on time (as usual that’s within either three minutes later or 30 second earlier than timetabled). That is the same percentage as the corresponding period last year but three percent lower than the previous four weeks. With the revised poster no details of what has affected performance are now given.

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