Lockdown Walks: West Midlands Metro 26

Today we return to the West Midlands Metro for another photo taken during the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, which although a lot less restrictive than earlier in the pandemic still call on us all to stay alert.

This photo was taken at Wolverhampton St George’s which has been the northern terminus of what is now known as the West Midlands Metro since it opened in May 1999. It will remain a terminus stop when the new Wolverhampton City Centre line to the Railway Station opens in 2021 as the system will have the unique situation where trams will either run here for access to the shops or to the station. One wonders how many people will realise they are on the wrong tram in the period immediately following the opening of the extension!

At the southern extremity of the sole platform at St George’s this view shows 26 in the full standard blue fleet livery. 26 was the very last of the 21 Urbos3 trams to return to service following the fitment of batteries with it entering service on 10th April 2020. (Photograph by Dan Noon, 15th July 2020)

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