Dinosaur travels on a tram…

The latest bit of publicity from Edinburgh Trams has seen a dinosaur travel on a tram as it makes its way from the Airport to the city centre. Of course, its not a real dinosaur which decided to take the tram – including buying its ticket before boarding! – but its all in a video to advertise a new exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland, Tyrannosaurus.

Guanlong – a recently discovered early species of feathered tyrannosaur from China – is shown arriving at the Airport from China before he decides to buy a ticket and travel on the tram into the city centre. He then disembarks from the tram and heads up The Mount to the Old Town and finally the National Museum of Scotland!

This exhibition is making its only European appearance in Edinburgh between 23rd January and 4th May. It is billed as the most comprehensive exhibition ever mounted on the tyrannosaurs brining the most recent palaeontological discoveries to life and challenging preconceptions about the predator. There will be rare fossil specimens, cast skeletons including one of “Scotty”, one of the largest and most completed T Rex skeletons in the world, and models of feathered dinosaurs.

* The full trailer can be seen here.

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